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Florida and Out-of-State Parents Rights Lawyer

When family dynamics change, it is often because one party relocates. Unfortunately, family law can become complex when it involves the laws of more than one state. This can create difficulties in situations involving divorces, child custody, and child support actions.

Located in Orlando, Florida, attorney Timothy W. Terry is knowledgeable about the complexities of out-of-state child custody law. At our law office, we have over 25 litigation experience and the know-how to handle out-of-state parents' rights cases. We listen to our clients and help them understand how different states' laws apply to their families. We pay attention to all the details of each case and help our clients navigate the law. Call us at 407-965-2256 to talk about how different states' laws may affect your rights.

Child Custody Relocation? Speak with an Experienced Attorney.

If one parent is thinking of moving out of Florida with a child, that parent should be aware of the law. Under Florida law, moving away with the kids may damage a later child custody or visitation action. To know how child custody law affects your relocation, consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand Florida law. Contact Timothy Terry, Attorney at Law at 407-965-2256 for a confidential consultation.

When a child has been removed from the state by a parent, working with a knowledgeable attorney can help resolve the issue. We take actions such as filing emergency motions to have children returned to Florida. If necessary, we also work with private investigators and other experts. We work precisely, diligently, and quickly to serve your child custody and relocation needs.

When you experience an out-of-state family law issue regarding your child, events that would often be routine within the state of Florida can become complex. Sometimes, arguments can arise over which states' laws apply to the litigation. Other times, serving process on the absent party becomes difficult. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney can help achieve your legal goals quickly. Call us today for a confidential consultation about child support, child custody, and relocation at 407-965-2256.