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Divorce & Business

Divorce Asset Protection: Businesses

When going through a divorce, asset protection is a major concern. If you or your spouse owns a business, the issue of equitable distribution can become quite complex. Our law firm can work with you to take a close look at the nature and the value of the business. We will help you make important decisions about how to treat this unique piece of property in order to get the results that are right for you.

An initial consultation is available to you at no charge

E-mail or call us at 407-965-2256 for more information about what an experienced divorce asset protection lawyer can do to help you address ownership of a business.

At the office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, we are available to represent individuals in Orlando and throughout central Florida.

The first step of divorce asset protection involving a business is to determine your goals. After we find out what you want to do with the business, we can move forward to help you meet your objectives.

The most critical aspect of the process is business valuation. Often, we will turn to forensic accountants and other financial experts to help determine the value of the business. We will examine whether the value is based on the business itself and assets owned by the business, or whether it is based on the work that you or your spouse puts into the business on a daily basis.

Next, we will look closely at how the treatment of the business during your divorce will impact other components, such as alimony and the distribution of other marital property.

Our Commitment to You

We will take great care to make certain you understand all of the options available to you. Since we will take the time to get to know what your needs are, you can count on us to point you in the direction that we believe is best suited to meeting those needs. We will stand by your side to help you get results.

During the course of our 25 years of practice, we have built a strong record of success. To us, success is not measured solely by the number of cases we win. It is measured by the number of truly satisfied clients. We take pride in the fact that many of our current clients come to us by referrals from past satisfied clients. We want to show you the lengths we will go to in order to see that you become a satisfied client as well.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to learn more about divorce asset protection and your business. E-mail or call us at 407-965-2256.