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Alimony/Spousal Support

Florida Alimony Attorney

Are you concerned about how you might be affected by Florida spousal support laws? Alimony in Florida can vary because judges assess alimony based on a variety of different factors. Talking with an experienced lawyer can help you determine how much you may need to pay, avoid paying too much, or receive money to help you meet expenses. At the Orlando, Florida, office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, we work with clients to make sure they understand Florida alimony law. Contact us today at 407-965-2256 for a confidential consultation.

Requesting Alimony? Choose A Spousal Support Lawyer Who is Prepared to Litigate

We are always prepared to litigate, but we don't file the case until we prepare you for what comes next. There are things you need to know about the court system, about Florida law, and about how the court will look at your case. We help you present your story in front of a judge, assisting you in presenting your situation in the best possible light. We let you know what to expect from the moment you contact us until the after the judge writes a final order.

We take time to help you complete your financial affidavit. This is critical to your success. When you go to court to request spousal support, the judge will most likely examine your financial affidavit and assess your situation. If the affidavit is not correct, does not include expenses, or is inflated, you might not get the compensation you deserve. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes us strong advocates for your family law needs. Contact our Orlando, Florida, law office today at 407-965-2256.